• fix hibernate menuitem, even if system does not support hibernation
  • fix icon blinking after resume while battery is charging/charged
  • removed status icons from package, use of xdg-complient icon-theme instead (should be a minimal dependency)
  • added translations: Russian, Swedish, Spanish (Castillian)


  • typo was %s%%% as a correction of %s\%. Should be %s%%
  • UPowerBackend: don’t save the dbus interface as a local variable. Get the interface from the session-bus every time it is needed, instead
  • better battery level and notifications handling
  • initial translation support
  • minor fixes


  • fixed DBusException handling on hibernate
  • Fix typo (issue #2)


  • Check for availability of notification-daemon, to make notifications finally optional
  • remove confusing comment about hal
  • fixed/hacked rounding of 100% battery status
  • changed status-ranges for images to better match gpm


  • Moved constants into a separate file, so that the does not try to import gtk, which leads to an error if not in a X-environment. Thanks to Christoph Wickert for pointing that out.
  • Included the license text as a constant, and from there into the about-dialog.
  • included copyleft notices at the top of every file
  • renamed into to match the other files naming


  • license removed from about-dialog, since its location is not that obvious


  • license added in the about-dialog
  • ChangeLog file added
  • Code cleanups, thanks to Christian (idl0r) Ruppert
  • added precise error message, when neither UPower nor DeviceKit.Power are available
  • check for gtk.main loop on closing, thanks to Christian (idl0r) Ruppert


  • new icon-naming and icon-theme include
  • desktop file included


  • initial official release

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