Transcode movie files for Sony Bravia on Linux

This post describes some way, of transcoding your video files to be used with Sony’s Bravia Television.

Matroska to MPEG-4 (mkv2mpg)

mkvtoolnix is needed for the following commands.

  • First get the frames-per-second value of your matroska movie file:
    mkvinfo movie.mkv
  • Extract the video and audio parts from the matroska container:
    mkvextract tracks "movie.mkv" 1:movie.264 2:movie.dts
  • If the audio part is in DTS format, like the example above, transcode it into AAC or AC3. In case you choose AAC:
    ffmpeg -i movie.dts -vcodec libfaac movie.aac
  • Create an mp4 movie file from the video and audio files.

Creating an MP4 movie

For the following command the gpac package is needed.
MP4Box -new movie.mp4 -add movie.264 -add movie.aac -fps 23.976

Splitting the MP4 movie file for FAT-32

Since the most HD-files are bigger than 4GB (the maximum file size for a FAT-32 file-system), it may be necessary to split an HD-movie into multiple chunks. This can be done with MP4Box like this:
MP4Box -split-size 4194304 input.mp4
where the size is 4194304 KB = 4 * 1024 * 1024 KB = 4 GB

Putting the splitted files into a separate folder for the movie on the usb-disk will give the best user experience.


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