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Transcode movie files for Sony Bravia on Linux

January 3, 2011

This post describes some way, of transcoding your video files to be used with Sony’s Bravia Television.

Matroska to MPEG-4 (mkv2mpg)

mkvtoolnix is needed for the following commands.

  • First get the frames-per-second value of your matroska movie file:
    mkvinfo movie.mkv
  • Extract the video and audio parts from the matroska container:
    mkvextract tracks "movie.mkv" 1:movie.264 2:movie.dts
  • If the audio part is in DTS format, like the example above, transcode it into AAC or AC3. In case you choose AAC:
    ffmpeg -i movie.dts -vcodec libfaac movie.aac
  • Create an mp4 movie file from the video and audio files.

Creating an MP4 movie

For the following command the gpac package is needed.
MP4Box -new movie.mp4 -add movie.264 -add movie.aac -fps 23.976

Splitting the MP4 movie file for FAT-32

Since the most HD-files are bigger than 4GB (the maximum file size for a FAT-32 file-system), it may be necessary to split an HD-movie into multiple chunks. This can be done with MP4Box like this:
MP4Box -split-size 4194304 input.mp4
where the size is 4194304 KB = 4 * 1024 * 1024 KB = 4 GB

Putting the splitted files into a separate folder for the movie on the usb-disk will give the best user experience.